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Did You Catch Us on AustCyber?

AustCyber did a piece on Australian companies and listed Snare among those with strategies in place to cover your remote workstations. You can find the article on their site and if you want to learn more about how we can help you collect logs from remote workstations, reach our and contact our helpful staff or […]

The Log Collection Paradox

How good data management applies to log collection. I love data. I was a math geek growing up and turned my affinity for statistics into a career. Intuitively most of us know that data drives informed decision making leading to better business outcomes. That’s only if, however, you do a good job collecting, managing, and […]

Way too many SIEM implementations are wasting money

Don’t be one of them. Output driven filtering. Do you know what that is? Does your organization leverage it in their log collection and management? Do you think that you need all of your logs? With all the innovation at the analytics level, interest in well executed data collection has suffered. Log collection tools lack […]

Basic guide to collecting system and audit logs

Over the years I have helped many organizations implement logging solutions. For better or for worse, a security incident of some sort is the event that tends to drive change in an organization; often, it is an external attack, or perhaps an internal HR related matter that would benefit from the sort of historical evidence […]