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Snare Agents

The global standard for feature-rich, reliable, lightweight log collectors. Rock solid log collection is both a compliance and security imperative. When companies across the world want the best, they choose Snare.

The Logging Tool by Logging Gurus

Log collection is the bedrock of a strong SIEM solution and the Snare Agents are the global standard for feature-rich, reliable, lightweight log collectors. We have been the go-to log collection solution for over a decade and preferred log management solution by 3rd party SIEMs when their own log collectors don’t cut it.

Operating System Agents

Snare’s Operating System Agents collect logs and coalesce them for unified forensics and analysis. They monitor all components of the operating system, including user login activity, file monitoring, process monitoring, kernel, all administrative activity, and more. Snare O/S agents are the industry standard and used around the world to aggregate logging across entire Fortune 500 enterprises.

Snare Operating System Agents are built for Windows, Linux, Solaris and OSX. They can be used as a standalone event log auditing tool or it can send data to the Snare Server or another syslog server for analysis and storage.

Epilog Agents

Epilog for Windows centrally collects and processes Windows text-based log files, supports data-stamped log files, and delivers them to your SNARE Server, SIEM, or syslog server.

Epilog for UNIX is a remote distribution facility for any text-based log files across the Solaris and Linux operating systems. You can also use plugins to target Apache and Squid logs.

Database Agents

SNARE Enterprise Agent for MSSQL tracks and monitors all database administrative activity from Microsoft SQL Server and securely sends the log information to a remote SNARE Server, SIEM system, syslog server, or a local log file for analysis and reporting.

It supports complex SQL cluster environments and can be configured to monitor a variety of MSSQL installation types.

Key Features


TLS encryption ensures the logs not only reach their destination, but they do so securely. If the connection is broken or EPS exceeded, logs are cached and forwarded once the connection is reestablished. There is no longer cause to lose sleep over lost logs, especially when you need them most.


Keep your entire network humming along smoothly with smart EPS resource controls. Snare Agent’s minimal footprint goes unnoticed on every machine they are deployed on and ensure all specified logs are collected properly.

Output Driven Filtering

Output driven filtering is a critical part of minimizing the mean-time-to-detection in an organization and the Agent’s filtering does just that. Collect all the data you need, and none of it you don’t.

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