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The Log Collection for Logging Gurus

Log collection is the bedrock of a strong SIEM solution and the Snare Agents are the global standard for feature-rich, reliable, lightweight log collectors. We have been the go-to log collection solution for over a decade and preferred log management solution by 3rd party SIEMs when their own log collectors don’t cut it.

Snare Agents Brochure

The global standard for feature-rich, reliable, lightweight log collectors. Rock solid log collection is both a compliance and security imperative. When companies across the world want the best, they choose Snare.

  • Lightweight – Under 5% of CPU and 20 megs of memory
  • Compliance – Gather data needed for PCI, SOX, GDPR, HIPAA. NISPOM, PIPEDA and more!
  • Formats & Protocols – A wide variety of formats and protocols support your needs no matter your ecosystem
  • Operating Systems – We have Agents for Windows, Linux, OSX, MSSQL and Solaris
Key Snare Agent Benefits

Remote Management

Agent Management Console enables bulk agent management and administrators can not only remotely monitor changes to the Agent’s configuration but through our binary distribution functionality admins can update agents across the organization from central location.

Integrate with any SIEM

Popular with consultants, MSSPs and in-house security professionals, Snare works in conjunction with nearly every brand of SIEM and Security Analytics software on the planet. You can even link up different SIEMs through Snare.

File Integrity Monitoring

Detect changes in files, directories or even monitor your registries with RIM – or Registry Integrity Monitoring. FIM and FAM (File Activity Monitoring) are critical parts of any centralized logging solution.

Our operating system agents cover your servers and desktops and include agents for Windows Servers, Windows Desktops, OSX, Linux and Solaris.

The operating system Agents collect logs and coalesce them for unified forensics and analysis. They monitor all components of the operating system, including user login activity, file monitoring, process monitoring, kernel, all administrative activity, and more.

Snare operating system agents are the industry standard and used around the world to aggregate logging across entire Fortune 500 enterprises.

Epilog Agents collect text-based log files including data-stamped files like those from IIS, ISA, SMTP and Exchange. Plugins are available to specifically target Apache and Squid logs.

All log information is converted to tab delimited text format, then delivered over TCP/UDP or SSL/TLS to one or more destinations including a Snare Server, SIEM or syslog server. It should be noted that many standard syslog servers are not designed to cope with the sorts of volume of data that multiple Snare agents can potentially generate and you may require a more advanced system such as a Snare Server or other SIEM system.

Our specially designed MSSQL Agents tracks and monitors all database administrative activity from Microsoft SQL Server and securely sends the log information to a remote Snare Repository, SIEM system, syslog server, or a local log file for analysis and reporting. but can obfuscate sensitive data to keep secure and compliant while doing so.

It also supports complex SQL cluster environments and can be configured to monitor a variety of MSSQL installation types.

Snare MSSQL Agents Brochure

It’s important to note that collecting Windows operating system logs does not collect from an MSSQL database, but the Snare MSSQL agent does!