Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Snare’s Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) via our Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) agent helps identify and report on anomalous database activity behavior, with minimal impact on user operations and productivity. It allows customers to effectively monitor SQL activity within a single database or an entire instance that covers multiple databases. Specific settings can be used to collect information on a specific database, tables with sensitive data, or specific commands run in the database.

This reduces the noise of general monitoring of all user activity on the SQL environment. The Snare MS SQL agent works on all current versions of SQL server on Windows platforms, including complex enterprise environments.

Why go with the Snare MS SQL Agent?

  • Reduce the noise from MS SQL
  • Allow for true Separation of Duties (SoD)
  • Ensure hackers are not using stolen credentials
  • Data masking of sensitive data PII, Credit Cards, etc…