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The Security Professional’s
Log Management Solution

Snare Central is the only solution that gives you total control of your logs, allowing you to collect any log from anywhere while managing what data goes where and to how many places. Snare Central is responsible for archiving logs, remotely managing agents, routing logs to multiple destinations including MSSPs, SOCs and other 3rd party solutions as well as Snare applications.

Snare Central Brochure

Supporting your security and compliance needs

Our enterprise-level yet flexible log management solution, Snare Central helps organizations crush their security goals.

  • Over 200 out-of-the-box and customizable reports reports
  • Collect any logs from anywhere
  • Filter out event and log noise
  • Customize what data goes where
  • Ingest syslog feeds from any device
  • Over 100 log adapters to parse common syslog data
  • SNMP trap alerts from network devices
  • Batch bulk uploads of archived data
Key Snare Central Benefits

Centralized Log & Agent Management
Centralize log collection and management across various protocols and formats in one easy to manage solution. Our cost effective forensic and long-term storage, centralized agent management and upgrades. Snare Central’s real-time monitoring will help your company quickly and efficiently improve your security posture and support your compliance requirements.

Secure, Reliable and Compliance Ready
Get the data you need for compliance regulations like HIPAA with over 200 out-of-the-box and customizable reports including reports specifically for PCI, SOX, NISPOM! Coupled with Snare Agents you’ll get point-to-point encryption (using TLS) of log data. We also use TCP to verify log delivery and if a customer requires it, UDP is available as well.

Reduce SIEM & Security Analytics Costs
Our platform agnostic applications help you integrate solutions from multiple vendors and manage even the most complex log collection and management environments with unique applications like the Snare Reflector.

Snare Central Components

Snare Central helps address forensic needs, giving you the ability to store logs based on your compliance requirements, generally between 3 to 7 years, but can be as long or short as your organization requires.

The Snare Repository is also where all 200+ out-of-the-box reports, including ones for compliance and audits, are found. Any of these reports can be customized to your specific needs. Repository users also love the fact that our Alerts are intelligent as they can be configured to alert only when multiple security events happen at the same time using our threshold reporting feature.

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Snare Central includes the ability to manage and upgrade your agents from a central location. From agent updates to policy configuration and management for select groups or all agents based on security and compliance needs.

  • Use one or more policy master templates for different systems (Domain Controllers, Application servers, desktops, database servers etc)
  • Use different policies for different times of the day using schedules
  • Support for all v5 and later agents
  • Status indicators of when agents are online or if systems are down and not reporting logs
  • EPS rate changes via the healthchecker

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Complex enterprise architectures, especially multi-vendor solutions can become overly cumbersome but Snare Reflectors help you direct log collection traffic efficiently and with minimal overhead in both time and hardware.

The Reflector can send data in real-time to one or more destinations, using UDP or TCP with TLS encryption enabled. We send logs in any of major formats including both syslog types 3164 and 5424. The reflector can also reflect the received format such as if the original system or Snare agent was sending in that format.

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