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Snare Central

The security professional's log management hub. Snare Central houses all the necessary tools to help you collect and manage your logs. Then take the next step by adding Snare Analytics for unparalleled reporting and dashboards.

Bring Scalability to Your Log Management

The utility hub for Snare solutions that’s responsible for archiving logs, remotely managing agents, routing logs to multiple destinations in enterprise level solutions and forwarding logs onto Snare Analytics, 3rd party SIEMs or both. Snare Central is easily configured to meet your organization’s needs.

While Snare Central includes Snare Server, Reflector and Agent Management Tools, every sub product is available a la carte so that our solutions can be as diverse as our customer’s needs.

Snare Server
Snare servers are the do it all core piece of Snare solutions. Securely built and deployed by military agencies around the world, Snare Servers have been trusted for decades to aggregate and archive logs.

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Snare Reflector
Complex enterprise architectures, especially multi-vendor solutions can become overly cumbersome but Snare Reflectors help you direct log collection traffic efficiently and with minimal overhead in both time and hardware.

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Agent Management Tools
Manage, monitor and update your Snare Agents from a central place. Snare’s agent management tools make your life easier without sacrificing log collection coverage.

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