Snare is the log management platform trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide.

Snare was originally developed by Intersect Alliance which was acquired by Prophecy International in 2011. Prophecy International Holdings Group is an ASX listed company out of Adelaide, Australia. Prophecy is known internationally for our innovative software sold globally through our business partner channels.

Snare is the most trusted name in SIEM for a reason. We are so confident in our software we have evaluation licenses so you can see firsthand that no matter what SIEM you are running, even if it isn’t our own, our Enterprise agents are the perfect compliment.

  • Intuitive :: Easy to use and install, you’ll be up and running in minutes with no 3rd party connectors, forwarders or other software required
  • Filtering :: Cut out the noise with real time host filtering and non-forensic truncation saving you actual time and tangible money in data volume alone
  • Resource Controls :: Keep your entire network humming along smoothly with smart EPS
  • Lightweight :: Less than a 5 meg footprint and under 20MB of RAM at all times ensures your systems aren’t bound by your event monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring :: FIM comes with every agent keeping you on top of all your network’s sensitive data

Try Snare free for 30-days and see for yourself why security teams across the globe choose our platform.

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