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Why Snare?

Snare is the go to centralized logging solution that pairs well with any SIEM or Security Analytics platform. Snare helps companies around the world improve their log collection, management and analysis with dependable tools that save both time and money.



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Threat Awareness

By integrating all of the information about the entire network under a single umbrella, organizations can spot trends and see patterns that could indicate a risk. Snare enables you to correlate STIX, Backup, Patching, LDAP, AWS and Active Directory data sources, as well as your own internal databases into one near real-time analysis engine for insights that empower security teams to act fast.

How Snare does Threat Awareness

Log Management
& Monitoring

Log monitoring is the bread and butter of Snare. Logging software you can count on, Snare’s logging solution reduces your typical collection noise to save your organization money.

How Snare does Log Monitoring

SIEM Integration

While Snare is a powerful standalone SIEM, it is the perfect complement to any 3rd party SIEM. From logging, to forensics and analytics, Snare is utilized worldwide for a reason.

How Snare does SIEM

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The foundation of every great logging and
SIEM solution

The pivotal cog in logging efforts are the collectors themselves. MSSPs and SIEMs the world over have made the switch to Snare because at the end of the day, they just work. And they work better than any other collectors out there. We stand by that statement and that’s why we offer up a free trial because we know once you see just how well Snare Agents do, you won’t be able to go with any other solution. So what are you waiting for, grab your Snare Agents today!

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