Snare Integration with Secureworks – Gartner Leading MSSP

Snare enables Secureworks customers to receive all relevant security log data with preconfigured enterprise agents.

Snare has partnered with Secureworks since its inception as a leading MSSP, with Snare providing the front end and Secureworks the acute analysis and backend platforms. Snare is purpose-built for Secureworks and the Snare agent can be supplied directly as part of your Secureworks licenses from Snare or our partners – wherever you are needing coverage. With over 1,000 joint customers, the integration and partnership provides Secureworks customers a rock solid, reliable cybersecurity platform they can rely on.

Snare is the de facto for the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform (CTP) as well as able to support additional Secureworks use cases including the Taegis XDR platform, local log storage, and log management to complement threat detection as a service

Many organizations use Snare to send critical event data to Secureworks, while keeping a complete compliance-friendly forensics and reporting platform locally or in the cloud with the Snare Central suite of products.

Snare is Trusted by 4,000+ Enterprise Customers Worldwide