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Snare Reflector

Created to meet the needs of our customers, Snare Reflector delivers ease of use and efficiency to even the most complex of architecture needs.

Sophisticated Enterprise Logging Architecture

Collecting and analyzing logging information from across disparate systems can be complex. The Snare Reflector can cache, filter, and forward logs to centralized systems regardless of their format or final destination. The Snare Reflector is used to unify disparate SIEM and/or logging platforms, to implement enterprise logging architecture as well as tuning log/data flow with unmatched precision.

Key Snare Reflector Features




Flexible Architecture

The Reflector collects from any and all collectors, including Snare, and can forward to multiple locations including a third-party reflector.

Cache, Filter, and Forward

You can forward critical data and store excess information so it can be analyzed later. By filtering out the noise before storing, forwarding, or both, this functionality makes analysis more efficient.


You can route and re-route your logs to as many destinations and in as many formats as you’d like. You can forward logs to any SIEM solution or send them to separate systems for forensics, analytics, and storage.

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