The legal industry is facing an increasing threat from cyberattacks. Law firms are responsible for handling highly confidential information and must prioritize data security and meet detailed regulatory compliance requirements. The nature of their work demands stringent data protection and adherence to legal frameworks like ISO 27001:2013, which provides guidelines for an effective information security management system. This standard is crucial for law firms to manage risks related to information security, emphasizing the importance of systematic log data analysis and reporting.

Law firms also face the challenge of managing complex IT infrastructures. This includes maintaining a range of servers and desktop systems across multiple data centers, while also strictly adhering to data retention policies. Balancing these technical and security needs is essential in the legal industry.

Snare’s solutions are specifically designed to cater to the legal industry’s unique needs, empowering firms to capture essential log data as mandated by ISO 27001 and other compliance standards. This data is sent in real-time to SIEM systems for analysis. Additionally, Snare Central Server offers centralized control for collecting, analyzing, reporting, and archiving audit log data.

Snare empowers law firms to bolster their cybersecurity posture and comply with legal standards by:

  • establishing Snare Agent Management Consoles in each data center for centralized control and streamlined management
  • providing detailed logs, including those of privileged users, crucial for tracking access to sensitive legal documents
  • facilitating robust security controls and compliance through extensive logging of access management activities
  • ensuring comprehensive logging of all assets, crucial for maintaining the integrity of legal information systems
  • capturing all login attempts and failures, providing insights into unauthorized access attempts to secure legal databases
  • keeping track of changes in network devices, crucial for identifying potential security breaches in the legal firm’s network
  • offering log collection from various operating systems, integrating file integrity monitoring to safeguard against data tampering
  • tailoring reports to meet the specific needs of legal compliance, reviewing access to sensitive client and case information.

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