Any organization that deals with electronic health information must keep that information secure and limit access to authorized users only. It’s easier to enforce this when businesses can see a footprint of activity through log files of all desktops and servers.

To comply with legislation and keeping the business safe, teams must be able to not only collect but always analyze and examine the system as a whole. There are five basic events that need to be audited and logged for compliance:

  • login attempts (both successful and unsuccessful)
  • login identification
  • date and time of each login attempt
  • lockout of users and terminals
  • attempts to alter operating system files.

Using Snare Agent filtering capabilities, businesses can collect security-relevant data based on both regulatory compliance and individual security requirements. They can customize these per device so devices within high security areas can send different event records compared with those that have more relaxed security requirements.

The Snare solution collects, aggregates, and reports on events that take place in a heterogeneous network. It collects information from a wide variety of operating systems and applications including Windows, Linux, IRIX, AIX, and Solaris. It can also collect system log files from routers and firewalls.

Snare Agents and the Snare Central Server offer rapid deployment and fast ROI. They work with any SIEM server seamlessly, with output-driven filtering that sifts through the noise and zeros in on what matters. The solution requires minimal memory from the network or IT staff and the smart EPS keeps the network working smoothly.

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