Financial Services

As a highly-regulated industry, financial services organizations are required to protect their customers’ personal financial information. Successful attacks on financial services organizations are potentially highly lucrative for cybercriminals, so getting a granular, accurate, and real-time view of all activities on the network is crucial to help protect against cybercriminals.

Furthermore, all publicly-traded companies in the United States have to submit an annual assessment of the effectiveness of their internal financial auditing controls to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements.

The types of reports that SNARE Enterprise Tools can produce for SOX audits as well as general security requirements are:

  • user login
  • user logoff
  • login failure
  • audit logs access
  • object access
  • system events
  • host session status
  • account management changes
  • user group changes
  • audit policy changes
  • successful user account validation
  • unsuccessful user account validation
  • track individual user actions
  • track application access.

Gaining a comprehensive and clear view into these activities helps financial services organisations understand who is accessing the network and what they’re doing once they’re in.

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