In a day and age filled with ePhone 14s and Gamebox 7000s, there is no reason for enterprise B2B software to be so opaque, so convoluted, that it requires weeks of implementation and months of training. Which is how a vast number of open source offerings pay their way. Software isn’t “free” when you have to pay for documentation and months of training. It certainly isn’t free when you have to pay people to come in so you can implement it. The crazy part is that countless open source solutions end up costing significantly more than their commercial counterparts when all is said and done. The unavoidable costs of software whether you buy or build is well documented, and when people opt for the open source solution they end up learning the hard way.

There are other reasons people go with open source solutions even when it ends up costing them money in the long run. Vendor lock-in being another major reason as companies want to be free to switch providers if necessary and that can be difficult after making a large investment in a particular vendor’s solution. We broke Snare out into platform agnostic parts so that Snare can be a standalone solution or work in conjunction with a new or existing SIEM. We work with other software so well that customers use Snare when migrating SIEMs and love it so much they leave it in place to enhance the new SIEM platform. In other words, Snare isn’t an alternative, it’s an enhancement. Forcing vendor lock-in is antithetical to any customer driven software company’s philosophy.

There is a lot more coming from Snare and we have an especially exciting 2017 planned. In the meantime check out the following to learn more.

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