The Prophecy International Holdings Group (ASX:PRO) is pleased to announce the integration of the Snare Enterprise Agents with the Solutionary ActiveGuard® platform. Solutionary is a next generation managed security services provider (MSSP), and part of the NTT Group (NYSE:NTT). The integration of ActiveGuard and Snare provides customers with complete end-to-end security and visibility into their environments and further supports Solutionary’s vision to quickly detect and respond to advanced and emerging threats.

The Snare Enterprise agents deliver real-time logs across multiple platforms and products directly to the ActiveGuard platform eliminating business risk often associated with other endpoint security monitoring solutions. As a result, enterprises no longer have to worry about information loss, compromise and latency between logging and analysis. By working closely with the Intersect Alliance team to integrate the Snare Enterprise agents as part of its service offering, customers are able to enhance the quality of the log data and more quickly remediate security incidents with the support of Solutionary.

The Snare Enterprise agent also helps address regulatory compliance with PCI DSS 3.0, HITECH, and HITRUST and others that require deployment of monitoring tools. The Snare Enterprise agent’s auditing capabilities enable visibility into unauthorized registry and file system access or modification.

“Effective endpoint monitoring significantly improves the ability to detect threats within the enterprise. By joining with Intersect Alliance and analyzing logs from the Snare Enterprise agent with our ActiveGuard platform, we have guaranteed and secure delivery, and are making it easier and more accessible for clients to monitor their Windows endpoints,” said Don Gray, chief security strategist, Solutionary. “We’ve provided Windows monitoring for quite some time now, but the customer will receive additional value and support from the seamless integration between our two organizations.”

“We think very highly of Solutionary based on our history of shared customer deployments. We’ve been impressed from the very beginning with their integrity and the way they take pride in ensuring customers are secure,” said Peter Barzen, executive vice president, sales and alliances, Intersect Alliance. “Based on last year’s acquisition of Solutionary by NTT, the strength of both our technologies and the risk requirements of our customers it was very necessary and mutually beneficial for us to collaborate.”

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About Solutionary
Solutionary, an NTT Group security company (NYSE: NTT), is the next generation managed security services provider (MSSP), focused on delivering managed security services, security consulting services and global threat intelligence. Comprehensive Solutionary security monitoring and security device management services protect traditional and virtual IT infrastructures, cloud environments and mobile data. Solutionary clients are able to optimize current security programs, make informed security decisions, achieve regulatory compliance and reduce costs. The patented, cloud-based ActiveGuard® service platform uses multiple detection technologies and advanced analytics to protect against advanced threats. The Solutionary Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) researches the global threat landscape, providing actionable threat intelligence, enhanced threat detection and mitigating controls. Experienced, certified Solutionary security experts act as an extension of clients’ internal teams, providing industry-leading client service to global enterprise and mid-market clients in a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and government. Services are delivered 24/7 through multiple state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers (SOCs). For more information, visit

About Intersect Alliance
Intersect Alliance, owner and author of the Snare Product Suite, are noted leaders in key aspects of IT Security, including system logging and event management. Snare solutions have and continue to be used in the most sensitive areas of Government and business sectors. Intersect Alliance intend to continue to release tools that enable users, administrators and clients worldwide to achieve a greater level of productivity and effectiveness in the area of IT Security, by simplifying, abstracting and solving complex security problems.


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New features of Snare Server v6.3 include:

  • Support was added into the collection system for the AppleBSM audit events provided by the new Snare Enterprise Agent for OSX
  • An option was added to the Configuration Wizard to allow customers to disable the daily Pre-Cache functionality, if instructed by a Snare Support Representative. This option disables the daily pre-cache functionality of the internal Snare Database, which can, in rare instances, use more resources during the caching process than are actually saved during the report generation process when caching is enabled.
  • With larger and larger drives being used for the storage of log data, the ‘percentage free space’ warning and problem threshold settings on the Snare Server Health Checker, have been migrated to a ‘gigabytes free’ model. As part of the server update process, your previous settings will be automatically converted to the new format
  • Added support for the upcoming v4.0.0 releases of the Snare Enterprise Agents for Linux and Solaris.
  • Added a new objective for Windows USB events into the default objectives installed as part of a fresh install of the Snare Server.