New features of Snare Server v6.3 include:

  • Support was added into the collection system for the AppleBSM audit events provided by the new Snare Enterprise Agent for OSX
  • An option was added to the Configuration Wizard to allow customers to disable the daily Pre-Cache functionality, if instructed by a Snare Support Representative. This option disables the daily pre-cache functionality of the internal Snare Database, which can, in rare instances, use more resources during the caching process than are actually saved during the report generation process when caching is enabled.
  • With larger and larger drives being used for the storage of log data, the ‘percentage free space’ warning and problem threshold settings on the Snare Server Health Checker, have been migrated to a ‘gigabytes free’ model. As part of the server update process, your previous settings will be automatically converted to the new format
  • Added support for the upcoming v4.0.0 releases of the Snare Enterprise Agents for Linux and Solaris.
  • Added a new objective for Windows USB events into the default objectives installed as part of a fresh install of the Snare Server.