How Snare Makes FIM Easier

This white paper goes into technical detail on FIM (File Integrity Monitoring), FAM (File Activity Monitoring), RIM (Registry Integrity Monitoring) and RAM (Registry Activity Monitoring) and how Snare handles all of it.

Open Source vs Enterprise

Why Snare Enterprise Agents are your company’s best option for collecting your logs.

Best Practices with Snare for PCI DSS

This twelve page document gives you the best practices for meeting baseline security measures under PCI compliance.

Complying with ISO 27001

The technical controls imposed by ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) Standard 27001 cover a wide range of security features from physical and environmental asset management, to compliance and policy.

Mandatory Data Breach Disclosure

The 2017 Privacy Amendment Act 2017 introduces a Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme which requires all businesses that fall under the jurisdiction of the OAIC to take a number of “reasonable steps”. Download the paper to learn more.

Preparing for GDPR with Snare

In May 2018, the GDPR will come into effect, marking a drastic shift in the compliance landscape. This regulation is firmly rooted in the desire for greater protection of individuals privacy and the unification of data protection laws in the EU.

The Workstation Monitoring Imperative

You’ve just discovered a breach and are hunting down the forensic chain of events of an APT when the trail goes cold. Why? Because it started on a workstation. Learn how to cover them.

How Agents Clean Up the Mess

Agentless SIEM deployments have a certain appeal, after all the fewer installs the better… right? Not so fast. When budget, scalability, scope, throughput, performance and security are a concern, as they should be, you need to think about agents.

Cutting the Noise

As businesses expand to all geographies and time zones, the task of defending an ever-enlarging and ever-changing perimeter becomes increasingly daunting. Infrastructure endpoints, workstations in particular, are critical points of attack – and defense.