MSSQL Agents

Our MSSQL Agent service interfaces with Microsoft SQL Server to initiate, read, filter and send trace logs from MSSQL to a remote host, local log file or to our Snare Central.

Snare Central

Snare Central is a flexible centralized logging solution that is SIEM agnostic and easily scalable. Learn more about managing agents, multi-destination forwarding and centralized agent updates in this brochure.

Snare Agents and Log Collection

Snare Agents are used around the world with Snare and almost every other SIEM on the market, because your analytics and forensics are only as good as the data available to you.

Agents vs Agentless Log Collection

Get a full feature comparison and technical rundown on the differences between agents and agentless collectors.

Snare Solutions Brochure

An overview of our offerings and how they are uniquely positioned to help your business achieve critical security objective.

Log Monitoring & Management Brochure

Learn more about our log monitoring and management solution and why companies all over the world all turning to us for the log collection compliance needs as well as fine tuning other SIEM solutions.

Upgrade Your Log Collection

Like sand after a day on the beach, however, unnecessary noise from your event logs can be pervasive and further reduced – even after optimizing your audit policy and truncating the verbose texts.

Windows Event Logging Logs Are Costing You Serious Money

If you are capturing windows events on a large scale; you know how expensive your SIEM can be, but a large amount of that log data has no forensic value. This means you are paying for useless data, or what we call “noise”.

Mastering Your Audit Policy

Software has become increasingly intuitive and as a result it is more and more frustrating when new software is installed, which is why we help our clients execute on their logging objectives efficiently.