Prophecy International’s Snare Product Improves Its Time to Market Using Veracode and DevSecOps Best Practices

Veracode Verified Log Management

The rise in cyber incidents across the globe has increased the need for trust and security throughout the entire vendor supply chain. Security practitioners across the globe are taking steps to increase their organisation’s depth and breadth of coverage to help reduce security risks, including heavily vetting that third, fourth, and fifth party vendors are as secure as possible.

This is why having a status like Veracode Verified is becoming increasingly important.

Veracode designed the Veracode Verified program to secure development processes improve application security, and as a Veracode Verified organisation, Prophecy International and all Prophecy brands (Snare and eMite) have proven our dedication to cyber security.

Read the case study about our road to becoming Veracode Verified and why our participation is critical to helping protect our customers: