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SIEM Integration

A crucial part of keeping confidential systems and records secure is SIEM: security information and event management. The right SIEM solution can help businesses monitor logs and forensically analyse them so that no suspicious activity can go undetected.

By integrating all of the information about the entire network under a single umbrella, organizations can spot trends and see patterns that could indicate a risk. The near real-time analysis and insights mean security teams can act fast if the business is attacked. This can be the difference between protecting confidential information or suffering an embarrassing and potentially costly breach.

In the new threat environment where attacks could come from anywhere, simply securing the perimeter isn’t enough. Businesses must take an analytics-driven security approach that helps detect threats in near real-time, no matter where they originate. Doing so is the only way to protect business operations.

The risk isn’t only from external attacks but also from internal cases of fraud and simple human error. With an effective log monitoring and forensic analysis system in place, security teams can tell the difference between a coordinated attack and an employee mistake, then take the right action to keep the system safe.

The right SIEM solution can help keep systems safe and make compliance with industry and privacy regulations easier.

Snare’s SIEM features include:

  • log management
  • forensic analysis based on an unlimited history
  • correlation across disparate data sources for critical insights
  • alerts that identify vulnerabilities and suspicious behaviour instantly
  • dashboards
  • compliance
  • retention of years’ worth of data at a fraction of the disk usage.

It also provides templated access and reports for the common systems used in any industry.

“Snare’s flexibility to send logs to multiple destinations, over multiple header format and
protocols has allowed us to get all the data needed to send to our (analytics tools). Helping to
meet SOX, PCI compliance and more to analyze clean data.”
Nationally Recognized Insurance Organization