Snare Server

With interactive reports, queries, alerts and objectives the Snare Server is what your business needs

The Most Secure Log Management Platform

With roots in the defense industry, Snare Server is the most secure log management platform on the planet. It goes beyond perimeter protection to deliver real-time information on events originating both inside and outside the network. So whether you’re under attack by a state-sponsored cybercriminal or a disgruntled employee, you can get a full view on what’s happening and take immediate action to address the threat.

Snare is trusted globally because Snare Server secures your event logs with encrypted log transport and time-stamped message files. This makes demanding audit and compliance specifications and log management requirements easier to meet.

Key Snare Server Features

Tailored KPIs

You can add, modify, or remove specific, clone objectives with their own configurations, asset controls, and distribution settings. You can generate more than 100 different reports including administrative security, sensitive file monitoring, and user login activity.

Detailed Reporting

In depth reporting on your entire network can be delivered to your inbox and forwarded onto those who don’t have credentials. Drill down through reports within Snare Server and leverage templated reporting for various compliance standards that you can tailor to your organization’s specific needs.

Forensic Analysis

Unlimited archiving of IT security data means there are no constraints to your future forensic analyses. Snare Server is the most cost-effective means to meet compliance archiving requirements.

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