Altitude Unlimited Inc

Type: Partner

Geography: North America

Altitude Unlimited provides comprehensive Network Managed Services and Managed Security Solutions for clients throughout North America. We allow CIOs and IT leaders to sleep better at night by securing network and network security infrastructure, proactively maintaining and keeping firmware and licensing up-to-date, and handling outages in a timely, efficient manner with a team of seasoned Level 1, 2 and 3 help-desk network engineers.

Managed security services are network-wide management and monitoring services for security devices such as firewalls, IDSs, and VPN equipment. Bandwidth optimization and traffic-filtering mechanisms are included, such as Committed Access Rate (CAR) and anti-IP address spoofing to protect enterprise customer networks from malicious traffic and DDoS attacks. Services such as incident notification response (which addresses breaches of network security and malicious or abnormal network activities) are provided by trained and certified technicians and engineers leveraging leading edge tools such as SNARE.