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Brad Thomas is the CEO of ASX listed Prophecy International.

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Do you trust your cyber security supply chain?

Creating a Secure Cyber Security Supply Chain We all know the importance of maintaining a solid cyber security capability and maintaining a secure cyber posture. We all know the stats about malware, ransomware, cyber IP Theft, data breach fines, and compliance mandates. I don’t think there’s anyone left that does not understand that they need […]

Creating the Ideal Cybersecurity Blueprint: Why Log Management Is Critical in Preventing Major Fines and Long-Term Security Issues

Creating the Ideal Cybersecurity Plan When it comes to creating your company’s cybersecurity plan, the focus tends to be on perimeter security products. These will generally include unified threat management systems and email gateways, endpoint detection and protection products, identity access and privilege access products, and security awareness training systems. These security products are easy […]

Cyber risks: What do you tell the board?

Cyber security risks: What do you tell the board? Cyber security is a risk that needs to be managed like every other risk. So how does the executive team inform the board on the risks and how they are being managed? What actions does the board need to take to be responsible for cyber risk? […]

Finding the Insider Threat

Unified threat management firewalls, endpoint protection, and email gateways are all designed to protect the network from outside threats. Security awareness training is designed to educate employees about how to spot threats and become instrumental in defending against threats. The issue at hand is that no matter what security defenses are in place, corporations still […]