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New Snare Solutions for Snare Partners

We love our partners and love growing alongside them. When our partners advise that their security tools aren’t cutting it, we ask ourselves, how can we solve those problems for them? A recurring issue for many of our partners is scaling solutions to fit their customer’s requirements. Cybersecurity and the B2B software space in general has a tendency to leave small to medium sized enterprises behind as they grow their solutions so we have always made scalability a critical aspect in our solutions. When we came out with Snare Analytics we added great data visualization to our already great data collection and centralized log management offerings, but we made sure that our new solutions were still scalable. That means powerful functionality at affordable pricing.

While Snare’s security suite can replace higher cost vendors, it is designed to work alongside all network protection technologies. From a simple edge-protecting stateful firewall to the most advanced SIEMs, Snare is platform agnostic in order to add value to any security environment through customer friendly pricing models and strong data management features. It starts with our Snare Agents collecting logs from various sources and aggregating them for forensics and analysis, whether that means sending them on to Snare software, 3rd party solutions or both. This gives both our partners and customers flexibility in how they handle forensics and enables more cost-effective archiving solutions.

Now Snare has added a powerful analytics platform with Connectors for over 70+ data sources which enable you to enrich event data with business data bringing in all of your customers disparate data sources. We built it on Elastic technology, making it not only powerful but flexible and affordable as well.

Our partners who adopt the full Snare threat management platform give their customers a real-time security solution with rapid deployment, out-of-the-box compliance, insightful dashboards (with same screen drilldown), and the invaluable time that creates the difference between a safe environment and a vulnerable one. Companies are looking to their vendors to help cut perpetually increasing license costs while still providing the highest level of cyber security, compliance, log management and cutting-edge functionality. The Snare threat management platform is the solution to retain and grow your customer base by meeting the needs of your customers and exceeding their expectations.

Interested and want to learn more? Contact Snare’s channel team today to review our strategic partnership models, see what fits your business goals and objectives, and get demos of our tools and applications.

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