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IBM QRadar

Snare for QRadar

Snare empowers QRadar users with unprecedented performance and scalability.

Snare and QRadar, IBM’s security intelligence platform, have a strong history together. In fact Snare released an app on the IBM App Exchange to complement QRadar’s powerful functionality. Snare has been helping organizations migrate to QRadar for years and the addition to the App Exchange makes pairing Snare with QRadar a cinch. Snare’s flexible architecture and agnostic nature give organizations unparalleled freedom with their QRadar deployments.

File Activity Monitoring

Registry Auditing

USB Monitoring



Check out Snare on the IBM App Exchange!

“I tend to use Snare when customers have a lot of end points, 1,000 or more though particularly over 10K windows end points and they know they want to monitor each and every one of them. I know Snare will report in every time, all the time, even in large scale environments. Snare is well documented and easy to install. Snare also does encryption from the agent to the QRadar host, which is very important for most organizations, though in particular federal customers.”

Peter S14
QRadar Product Manager, IBM