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Log Monitoring & Management

Centralized log and event collection are crucial to gaining visibility into systems and detecting unusual activity sooner. It can help you stop malicious actors in their tracks, whether the attack is coming from external sources or from within the organisation.

Snare Agents are the global standard for feature-rich, reliable, lightweight log collectors.

They let you collect and aggregate logs from any source so you can conduct unified forensics and analysis, making investigation more efficient and effective.

The ability to capture and analyse information about what’s going on in the network can be the difference between stopping a cyberattack in its tracks or becoming a high-profile victim.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to capture and analyze logs. Snare Agents collect logs from various sources, aggregating them for complete forensics and analysis.

System and audit logs track the various activities that occur within a network and can be an early indicator that the perimeter has been breached. Unusual or suspicious activity can be investigated sooner, potentially even before the cybercriminal has a chance to inflict real damage.

Snare Agents let you collect logs from throughout your business systems and infrastructure, then analyze them for patterns and anomalies so you can act fast to mitigate the risk.

An effective security posture must include a comprehensive approach to log monitoring and management.

Snare’s log monitoring and management solution is fast to deploy and easily scales for rapid digital technology adoption. It offers real-time log monitoring and a complete forensic trail with unlimited archive options so you can investigate incidents more successfully. It also includes data access monitoring including USB and FAM.

“Snare’s flexibility to send logs to multiple destinations, over multiple header format and
protocols has allowed us to get all the data needed to send to our (analytics tools). Helping to
meet SOX, PCI compliance and more to analyze clean data.”
Nationally Recognized Insurance Organization