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The Backbone of Secure
Log Management Solutions

With roots in the defense industry, Snare is the most secure log management platform on the planet. It goes beyond perimeter protection to deliver real-time information on events originating both inside and outside the network. So whether you’re under attack by a state-sponsored cybercriminal or a disgruntled employee, you can get a full view on what’s happening and take immediate action to address the threat.

Snare is trusted globally because Snare Central secures your event logs with encrypted log transport and time-stamped message files. This makes demanding audit and compliance specifications and log management requirements easier to meet.

Key Snare Repository Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring & Intelligent Alerting
Get a look at your log data in real-time within Snare Repository and build custom alerts to go off when metrics, like failed sign ons, reach defined thresholds.

200 Out-of-the-Box and Customizable Reports
Snare Repository’s out-of-the-box reports include compliance reports for standards like PCI, HIPAA, NIPSOM and SOX so you are ready to go after deployment. You can also customize those reports or create your own to meet your business’ specific objectives.

Cost Effective Long-Term and Forensic Storage
Snare Repository empowers you to store your logs for forensics and/or long-term storage in a cost-effective manners so you are not driving up SIEM and Security Analytics costs with superfluous data that will only bog down your MTTD and MTTR.