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Agent Management Tools

Our Agent Management Tools provides the ability to make site-wide configuration changes from a centralized location.

Centralized Log Collection Management

You can manage your SNARE Agents remotely through the SNARE Agent Management Console (AMC), which is a workbench interface.

The AMC lets you automatically audit Agent configuration and alerts you if there are any discrepancies in your Agents. This helps you understand whether the configurations of any Agents have been unexpectedly modified.

You can also use the AMC to create management objectives for your environment, including:

  • managing compatible SNARE Agents even if they don’t report to the SNARE Server
  • automatically identifying SNARE Agents that report to the SNARE Server and treating them as a reporting Agent
  • adding non-reporting SNARE Agents
  • specifying the type of Agent to be managed, ensuring configuration integrity
  • pulling the current configuration from any compatible SNARE Agents in the environment
  • pulling the current configuration of Master Agent to compare against the managed list of Agent configurations
  • pushing a master configuration out to each of the Agents to standardize and revert unauthorized configurations automatically.
  • LIC
  • BP
  • BH
  • AZ