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What is Snare?

Snare is a highly scalable suite of security products utilizing output-driven noise reduction technologies to find, filter and forward event log data.

Snare log sources include Windows, flat files, databases, Linux, Mac and Solaris with coverage for desktops and servers. Snare removes multiple levels of noise via managing audit policies, filtering and truncation.

Snare’s reflector technologies enables destination directives to ensure only relevant data ends up in the relevant location.

Snare’s noise reduction technologies can significantly reduce MTTD (mean time to detection), ensure faster and more accurate analysis, provide significant savings and tighter security.

Snare is global, used in companies of all sizes and in all industries and is designed from the ground up to “play well with others”, front-ending and extending existing investments in almost every SIEM and MSSP.

Snare is the trusted log management platform.

About Prophecy International

Snare was originally developed by Intersect Alliance which was acquired by Prophecy International in 2011. Prophecy International Holdings Group is an ASX listed company out of Adelaide, Australia, and is known internationally for their innovative software sold globally through our business partner channels.

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